Saturday, July 23, 2011

Activity Two: Letter to a friend

Our next task is from the Computer-based FCE Practice Test from the Cambridge ESOL website. This is a department of the University of Cambridge, which provide exams in English language , as well as a range of qualifications for language teachers. Around the world, thousands of universities, employers and government ministries rely on Cambridge ESOL certificates as proof of English language ability - and the FCE (First Certificate in English) is one of their certificate levels.

This exercise is the first question of the writing paper (there are two texts to be made in this part of the FCE exame), when we're asked to write a letter to a friend based on some notes we had made on her letter.

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My answer:

Hi Sara! I'm glad to see that one of your dreams will come true!

You're lucky! The best time to get here is exactly on the next month, because we'll have an exhibition about Brazilian culture, and of course, they'll show a variety of meals there!

About home cooking, I think the best way to know it is to get in touch with some housewives’ associations made to celebrate their costumes and learn more about home affairs, which include cooking.

Near my house there's a restaurant that's skilled in tradicional food. Despite having a unsophisticated name -"Boteco do Zé" - it's known to have the best chef in the city!

About your invitation, I need to say that I've already booked a trip to a beach far from here in that month, but I I'll go to your restaurant as soon as I can".

See you soon,

The Student

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Activity One: The Film Club

Based on an activity from the website Flo-Joe, I'll show you my answer below, which I don't know if it's right or not, so feel free to correct anything you want!
But, of course, let's see the proposed task:

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And my answer was...
Dear School Owner,

I am writing to answer your request for a person to organize the Film Club, because I am really interested in this job and I have some skills that will help me in this function.

Firstly, I have some knowledge of English because I have been studying English in a language course for at least six years with intensive extra activities about this idiom. I need to say that studying English is one of my favorite hobbies, so this job will be a pleasure for me. Secondly, I have experience with this group activities, because I used to lead some book-readers meetings, then I am wont to deal with different points of view. Specifically about films, I am a fan of European ones, mainly because they are usually a kind of movie which has a lot to talk about.

Finally, I want to say that I will dedicate all my efforts organizing the Film Club in a way the members will have a real wish to return to the next meeting.

Best regards,

The Student

Now, try it yourself! Let's share our knowledge!

See you soon!